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Financial aids for entrepreneurs in Luxembourg

In this article, we have put together a list of aids that you can apply for if you are starting a business. Do not hesitate to contact each of the organisations listed directly in order to obtain more detailed information based on your situation and your field of activity!

First of all, an important reminder: before applying to an entity for funding, you must structure your project, study your market and estimate your costs rigorously, an important step that will determine whether your project is viable or whether you need to adjust certain elements.

Here is an overview of the existing aids in Luxembourg right now!

"Traditional" banks

You can apply to a bank for a loan. You will need to work on your application beforehand and have a guarantee (at least 25 to 30% of the amount requested and other guarantees specific to each bank). Your application must include a business plan with a written section and financial estimates over three years. nyuko has created a program dedicated to the business plan which gives you access to 3 detailed chapters online permanently, as well as 2 hours of coaching to help you structure and write it properly. If you are selected in this program, you will also be able, in the long term, to deepen your business plan at a preferential rate with an expert.

Good to know! nyuko has set up a partnership with Spuerkeess. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more. In some cases, we can put you directly in touch with an expert from this state-owned bank. In any case, you can already read some of the excellent advice we have gathered in this article 😉

The "Mutualité de Cautionnement"

The Mutualité de Cautionnement will not subsidise you, but it will be able to act as a guarantor for a bank and thus facilitate your access to credit. The Mutualité de Cautionnement can also give you advice on your investments. To have access to this aid you must meet a certain number of criteria available here. You can also ask the Mutualité de Cautionnement for more general advice on funding.


You can also consider using a microcredit organisation like microlux. You can borrow up to €25,000 and benefit from the support services provided by volunteers from microlux. The loans are intended for business creators and entrepreneurs already in business who do not have access to traditional bank loans.

The « Coup de pouce » microcredit

The Fondation des Universitaires en Sciences Ă©conomiques (FUSE), supported by the Chambers of Commerce and Crafts, offers a microcredit called "Coup de pouce", a financial aid of up to 5000€. To apply, you just have to fill in their online application form.

The "SociĂ©tĂ© Nationale de CrĂ©dit et d’Investissement" (SNCI)

The Société Nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement (SNCI) is a public-law banking institution specialised in medium and long-term financing for Luxembourg companies. It grants loans for investment, innovation and export credits. The SNCI offers different types of assistance:

Luxinnovation’s Fit4start competition

Luxinnovation also offers the "Fit4Start" competition which allows you to benefit from up to €150,000. You have to meet certain criteria and submit an application. Then, if you are eligible, you will have the opportunity to present your project in front of a jury to possibly get this aid.

Innovation grants

The Ministry of the Economy offers various types of aid for young innovative companies (R&D, aid for process innovation, aid for technical feasibility, etc.). You can find all these aids on and contact Luxinnovation for more information and to prepare your application.

The Innovation Prize for the Crafts Sector

Depending on your sector (food, crafts, fashion, health-hygiene, mechanics, construction, communication, etc.), you can take part in the Innovation Prize for the Crafts Sector (FR). This prize aims to encourage innovation within companies created in Luxembourg via five categories (innovative product/service design, innovative production process, innovative marketing/communication approach, innovative management approach). By participating, you stand the chance to win a prize of up to €7,000.

Aid from the ƒuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

The ƒuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (FR) is a public institution offering two main types of aid:

  • One is "punctual": if your activity is in the social, cultural, sports, health or even memory sector in Luxembourg and if you have the status of a non-profit organisation, foundation or SIS.
  • The other via its "start-up fund": if you are an actor, a creative artist or you work in the field of culture, you are under 36 years old and you are based in Luxembourg or of Luxembourg nationality.

Investment funds

There are also various specialised investment funds that invest in the development and launch of young companies in Luxembourg. Each fund has its own criteria but they often include an "innovative" dimension in sectors considered to be priorities in Luxembourg (industry 4.0, finance, health technologies, etc.). We can mention: Expon Capital; Luxembourg future fund; CD PME; etc. Here, we recommend that you do your own research according to your sector of activity and your needs. Keep in mind that you will already have to show a first version of your product.

Specialised digital aid

There is also a dedicated grant for very small businesses, allowing them to benefit from a €5,000 voucher for the purchase of services (with dedicated partners) in the field of digital marketing, customer management or organisational management (cash register software integrating stock monitoring, estimates, invoicing, etc.). To find out more about this specific type of support, you can contact the House of Entrepreneurship.

ODL’s financial aid to support Luxembourg exporting companies

The Office Ducroire (ODL), offers assistance ranging from €10,000 (for Luxembourg companies under 3 years old) to €200,000 (for micro-companies over 3 years old) to support companies in their international prospection (translation of flyers, brochures, participation in professional exhibition, etc.). For more information, please contact the ODL.

That's it for a brief overview of the financial assistance available in Luxembourg at the present time. We recommend that you apply for them based on your sector of activity and your needs. Do not hesitate to contact each of the organisations mentioned here (the list is not exhaustive)!

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