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How do you use video for your business?

It's clear that video has become essential in today's world, but it has also become much more accessible in terms of budget, technology and equipment. But why and how do you get started with video? Is it within your reach? Let's take a look at it together in this Meet an entrepreneur article.

The real added value of videos: impact and engagement

In general, a video is much more impactful than other media. It will generate more views and interactions. It will get a more complex message across in less time than a long text. If it is well done, it will be remembered by the audience for a longer period of time.

The importance of videos on social media

On social media platforms, video is the medium that generates the most engagement.

This means that you will get better results by posting videos rather than photos, for example. There are several possibilities, but in general you will publish short and more "raw" videos in your Facebook / Instagram stories, on TikTok or in your Youtube shorts. On the other hand, longer videos with more elaborate editing will be published on your Youtube channel or in the feed of your Facebook / LinkedIn pages.

Make the most of your videos

We often make the link between video and social networks, but don't forget that this valuable marketing tool can be used elsewhere, such as on your website, in your showroom or waiting room, at trade fairs, in the cinema, on television, during meetings with your prospects, etc. Don't miss this opportunity to make the most of your videos!

What type of content, and what to present in your videos?

It depends on your activity, but in general, think about making your community curious.

While it's obviously important to showcase your products, it's your expertise that will generate engagement. If you make handmade lamps, a nice packshot video of the finished lamp will be important on your e-commerce site to convince the customer to buy. On the other hand, a video made in your workshop, highlighting the manufacturing process of the same lamp will certainly generate more engagement on social media and may indirectly lead to sales. (A packshot is a high quality photo or video presentation of a product.)

The possibilities are endless, so here's a little idea guide for your videos:

  • Present your company in video
  • Office tour: present your office, your workshop, your garage...
  • Livestream / Webinar: organise live video conferences
  • Virtual visit of real estate for sale or rent
  • Behind the scenes: showcase what is happening behind closed doors!
  • Interview: organise interviews with partners, clients or your employees
  • Tutorials: educate your audience with tips and tricks
  • Packshot: product launch
  • Timelapse: play with time, e.g. show the making of a product in fast motion
  • Drone: make aerial videos of your work sites...
  • Customer testimonials
  • User guides
  • ...

Five tips to get you started with your videos

  1. Don’t focus on the hardware
    It's possible to make good, effective videos with just about any modern smartphone. We regularly shoot short videos for our social media channels using an iPhone at Studio.
  2. Tell a story
    A good video is one that has a story line and tells something. So think about your storytelling.
  3. Don’t overlook the sound
    Even if image quality is important, so is the audio. If you are recording a voice, make sure that the sound is clear and without echo. Also consider adding background music to help set the tone of the video.
  4. Pay attention to the light
    Especially indoors, lighting is very important. Always use a large, constant and diffuse light source. If you don't have studio lighting, opt for a natural light source, such as a window or bay window. Cloudy weather is ideal.
  5. Be spontaneous and go for it!
    The most important thing is to start creating and sharing your experiences. Don't wait for everything to be ready or perfect, because in many cases it never will be. So instead of hesitating, start with short videos to post in your stories on your social media. These will gradually give you confidence in your equipment and in yourself. Don't hesitate to add a touch of humour!

Closing remarks

I hope these tips will help you, and motivate you, to make videos! If you still feel uncomfortable trying to do it yourself, get in touch with professionals in the business to help you!


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