client acquisition

Vincent Lyonnet

Tactics for starting a business

In this video, Vincent Lyonnet explains: How to stand out-  Tackling different…

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Carole Muller

Become a franchise

In this video, Carole Muller explains her point of view on: –…

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Laurent Maillard


In this video, Laurent Maillard explains how to convince: Your first customers…

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Vincent Lyonnet

Market approach

In this video, Vincent Lyonnet talks to us about different points: Where…

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Kim Bliksas

The four phases of your sales funnel

A sales funnel represents the various phases a customer goes through in…

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Antoine Hron

Starting a digital first company

In this video, Antoine Hron explains: why digital is necessary today customer…

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Amandine Guerrier

Finding your first customers as a freelancer

If you’re about to start up as a freelancer, one of your…

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Annica Torneryd

Becoming a coach

In this video about becoming a coach, Annica Torneryd shares her views…

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Elfy Pins

Winning over the general public

In this video about tips for winning over the general public, Elfy…

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Pit Beck & Catherine Hoffmann

Launching a product

To launch a product, Pit Beck and Catherine Hoffman worked on various…

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Lucile Barberet

How to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

How many times did someone tell you to revamp your LinkedIn profile…

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Xavier Buck

Starting a business in an innovative sector

In this video about business in innovative sector, Xavier Buck shares his…

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