Company bank accounts in 3 questions

1. When should it be opened? Before starting a company (SA or…

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Marie-Sultana Langa

Choosing a legal form for your business

So you're about to launch a business or are rethinking your activity.…

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Laurent Maillard

Launching a company for the long-term

In this video, Laurent Maillard tells us about launching a company for…

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Pelagia Baxevani

Creating a business driven by positive impact is possible!

Positive-impact economy is gaining ground and has become somewhat of a hot…

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Ahmad Dablat, creation, freelance, inspiration

Opening a business as a refugee

In this video, Ahmad Dablat explains: Why open a business in Luxembourg?…

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Guillermo Ortega

Creating a company in Luxembourg

In this video, Guillermo Ortega talks about creating a company in Luxembourg…

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Laure Ormont

Building a social business model

In this video, Laure Talavet-Omont explains how to build a social business…

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Laure Ormont

Getting started in social entrepreneurship

In this video, Laure Talavet-Omont explains how to get started in social…

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Amandine Guerrier

The steps to starting a business

Do you want to start your own business but don’t know where…

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Barbara Stroup

Getting started with an ambitious project

In this video, Barbara Stroup talks about: Why this ambition? How to…

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Alfonso Garcia Frey

The ideation phase

In this video, Alfonso Garcia Frey explains us the ideation phase :…

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