Alexandra Kahn

Dropping everything for a career change

In this video with Alexandra Kahn, owner of the Genaveh chocolate factory,…

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Hinde Boulbayem

A business faced with an economic crisis

In this testimonial video on the consequences of an economic crises for…

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Kevin Muller

Starting a business with a team

In this video, Kevin Muller talks about: team maturity dealing with conflict…

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Pelagia Baxevani

Creating your ideal company with Ikigai

Purpose, or a “reason for being”, is increasingly present in entrepreneurial endeavours…

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Manon Cravatte

How to maintain a balance as an entrepreneur

Juggling between private and professional life is a challenge faced by a…

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Laurent Maillard


In this video, Laurent Maillard explains how to convince: Your first customers…

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Kevin Muller

The entrepreneurship marathon

In this video, Kevin Muller talks about how to be able to…

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Annica Torneryd

Becoming a coach

In this video about becoming a coach, Annica Torneryd shares her views…

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Larissa Best

3 credibility enhancing tips for your business model creation

As a startup, you have submitted your business model and pitching documentation…

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Mike Koedinger

The path to entrepreneurship

In this video, Mike Koedinger shares a few anecdotes about his path…

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Fabiana Bartolozzi

Our entourage during a career change

In this video about the importance of the support of the entourage…

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Gianmarco Liacy

Going from paid employment to freelancing

In this video on the topic of going from paid employment to…

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