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Thibaut Ciccone

The 6 common misconceptions about startups (and the reality they hide)

The term "startup," once reserved for a select few, has now become…

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Diane Tea

The 5 key aspects to appeal to a business angel

When pitching to business angels, startup founders need to pay attention to…

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Antoine Hron

4 verbs for starting a business in the industrial sector

In this video, Antoine Hron explains us how : getting started getting…

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How can you convince your bank to grant you a loan?

These days, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to run aground because…

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Samuel Paulus


In this video, Samuel Paulus explains the purpose and actions of Microlux:…

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Laurence Hulin


In this video, Laurence Hulin presents the aim and the services of…

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Mike Koedinger

Funding a launch

Funding a launch… a recurring theme among entrepreneurs! In this video Mike…

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