House of Entrepreneurship

Amandine Guerrier

Student and entrepreneur: it is possible!

When it comes to entrepreneurship, as Michèle Detaille puts it1, there is…

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Sabrina Kohn

Fit 4 Digital Packages

In this video, Sabrina Kohn explains the Fit 4 Digital Packages: Why…

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Carlo Thelen

Chamber of Commerce

In this video, Carlo Thelen introduces the aim and the services of…

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Manon Cravatte

Starting your own company to come out of unemployment

Have you already considered creating your own job to come out of…

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Nicolas Fries


In this video about nyuko, Nicolas Fries presents the vision and the…

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Gianmarco Liacy

Going from paid employment to freelancing

In this video on the topic of going from paid employment to…

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