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Alexandra Kahn

Company takeovers: Firsts

Taking over a company is not easier or more difficult than creating…

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Ahmad Dablat

Launching a service with a twist

In this video, Ahmad Dablat talks about launching a company with a…

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Lucile Barberet

Blogs and Social Networks: 2 easy methods for finding and planning your online content

Whether you’ve already started your business or are approaching the big launch,…

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Guillermo Ortega

Reaching your customers

In this video, Guillermo Ortega explains how to reach customers: Why sell…

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Lucile Barberet

What to say on Social Networks

Once you have chosen the right networks for your company’s online presence…

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Laurent Maillard

Choosing the right platform for your company website

Last week, a client chose me among 100 other businessmen to drive…

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Zev Siegl

Launching your company : Client perception

In this video about the launch of a comapny, Zev Siegl shares…

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Thibaut Ciccone

Launching your project with minimal funds: the art of bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is not just another coinage from the entrepreneurial world… behind the…

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Laurent Kratz

Marketing and client acquisition

In this video about marketing and client acquisition, Laurent shares his views…

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Elfy Pins

Winning over clients

In this video about how to attract and convince clients, Elfy Pins…

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