Barbara Stroup

Getting started with an ambitious project

In this video, Barbara Stroup talks about: Why this ambition? How to…

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Alfonso Garcia Frey

Making profitable choices

In this video, Alfonso Garcia Frey explains how to make profitable choices:…

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Elfy Pins

Launching an innovative concept

In this video about the ways to make your launch a success,…

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Lucile Barberet

Why your business needs a strong visual identity

A company’s visual identity encompasses all the graphic elements associated with it:…

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Antoine Hron

4 verbs for starting a business in the industrial sector

In this video, Antoine Hron explains us how : getting started getting…

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Stéphanie Damgé

Jonk Entrepreneuren

In this video, Stéphanie Damgé presents the vision and the service of…

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Laurent Kratz

Marketing and client acquisition

In this video about marketing and client acquisition, Laurent shares his views…

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Nicolas Fries


In this video about nyuko, Nicolas Fries presents the vision and the…

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