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Aurélien Dobbels & Nicolas Legay

Entrepreneurship in pairs and with support

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Aurélien Dobbels and Nicolas Legay, co-founders…

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Ahoua Eve Bakayoko

Following an entrepreneurship coaching programme

In this video Meet an entrepreneur, Ahoua Eve Bakayoko, the founder of…

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Marc Plata

Being accompanied in business creation

In this Meet an entrepreneur video, Marc Plata, founder of the Respire…

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Hinde Boulbayem

Validating the technical feasibility of your business idea

If your business project has a strong technical aspect, you need to…

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Jordan Gerstler-Holton


In this video, Jordan Gerstler-Holton presents the asbl Touchpoints and its programme…

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Rebecca Maroko

Starting a business via a cooperative

A cooperative is also a way to create your company. Rebecca Maroko,…

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Ahmad Dablat, creation

Opening a business as a refugee

In this video, Ahmad Dablat explains: Why open a business in Luxembourg?…

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Manon Cravatte

Entrepreneurship in its feminine form

Before we begin, this article does not intend to deliberately separate female…

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Diego De Biasio


In this video, Diego De Biasio tells us about Technoport: Why Technoport?…

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Amandine Guerrier

Student and entrepreneur: it is possible!

When it comes to entrepreneurship, as Michèle Detaille puts it1, there is…

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Pelagia Baxevani

10 questions to get you started as a social entrepreneur (part 1)

In today's world, young generations are increasingly seeking meaning in their work.…

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