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With Venemany Vilay

Founder of A-PRENDRE since 2020

With Jean-Marc Boueyrie

Founder of J-WAY since 2001

With Emma Zimer

Founder of NOUMA since 2016

And Jean-Philippe Wagnon

Founder-Cooperator of ALLAGI since 2019

ALLAGI is a cooperative company geared toward education, for oneself and the world, all throughout life from ages 6 to 90, through philosophy, meditation and positive psychology.


Monitored impacts

I had asked to monitor the number of people who learn the alphabet as well as the number of people who learn French.

The provision of our product, since we are a software editor, at very preferential prices for association-type organisations to help them maintain their independence. Another very important indicator is the transfer of skills. Ensuring people have command of their digital tools. So there is also an indicator related to the training we provide, part of which is provided free of charge to people in need.

Two social impacts, especially. The first is the number of projects that are set up, both senior and intergenerational. And the second is more of a qualitative criterion based on a questionnaire to see the evolution in the quality of life of people who have chosen this path.

The workshops we do with children, workshops of all sorts, given that we want to go beyond training and the pure transmission of information. We want there to be an implementation and a practice. And that’s what we measure and watch in our impact indicators.


A real selling point?

Yes, I communicate about being a SIS. That’s often followed by an explanation of what a SIS is.

Yes, being a SIS is a selling point.

So, reactions from my administrative clients, being public, are excellent. We have some clients in the insurance world, a much more private world, who are surprised, but who, once I’ve explained the process, understand it perfectly. And of course, the fact that we aren’t on an unfettered hunt for profit. Yet, though we do have to be profitable, we also have the vocation to help them preserve their digital independence, clearly, we’re going to use that as a selling point. You do have to know not to be stupid.

Yes, we definitely use it. We use the need for an impact report… obligation more so, it’s not a need. We use the obligation of an external audit and an impact report. In our experience, it’s a significant differentiator from all other associations.

Once we’ve explained the SIS, yes, I do think people are more open than if we came as a conventional company.


If you could do it again

If someone wanted to become a SIS for the tax benefits, I would advise against it very strongly.

I knew I didn’t want to start a commercial company. So I’d do the same thing again.

If I had to do it over, yes, I’d apply for SIS accreditation again, without hesitation.