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Approaching a multinational corporation
We went to the US, we had been invited by Luxinnovation for a boot-camp, a one-week workshop for startups from Luxembourg that use technologies relating to artificial intelligence. When we were there, it was a major stake for us to contact users based in the US especially Adobe. We did it through contacts I had over there. We showed them what we did, they really liked it they contacted the right people at Adobe. So we stayed in touch and that’s how it happened.

Plan or opportunity?
At first, it wasn’t planned because it wasn’t the original idea for our technology. But listening to more and more to customer feedback, we ended up making that type of decision. So, in a way it was planned! It’s great to be able to work with professionals of that standard, and especially with Adobe quality tools.

Significant impact
A major part of our customers discover our technology via Adobe’s tools. It’s really makes a huge difference for us. Beyond that, there’s all the communications carried out by Adobe, both for their design tool and for their plug-in system, it positively impacts us for sure, indirectly. So yes, it’s very positive.

Preparing for the growth of your business?
The farther we get from the start of this adventure, the more things we see that we didn’t expect. Like I said, we changed directions several times… Changing directions entirely changes the adventure, meeting wonderful people everywhere, building partnerships, opening up to the world… makes the project grow beyond what we could have imagined. That’s one of the unknowns.