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What is it?
Rather than trying to launch huge projects and taking huge risks, you do a lot more testing, you implement many more small things. Rather than trying to take a giant’s step for each step, you draw a staircase or a ladder step by step, rung by rung to move toward your goal.

Agile projects
It allows us to always focus our efforts on what makes the most sense. And to do so, in all our work, we structure our work around shorter time periods, knowing we won’t be able to get everything done in that time but there will be more after. And we also work based on priorities. So we’ll say, at equal priority, among all the ideas, the dozens, the hundreds of ideas we’ve already identified in our Asana, what is the projected impact of each idea, and what effort is require to see them through? For equal priority, stay focused o on the tasks or group of tasks that will have the greatest impact on business for the effort required.

Does it work for everything?
I honestly think it does, even if each person has to integrate a series of basic concepts relating to agile methods, a series of tools relating to agile methods, there are lots… and find the mix that works for you.

Customer reception
This approach is very well received by clients as long as you take time to explain it. Trying to move away from playing fortune teller and thinking you know everything here and now at the beginning of the project which is actually when you know the least… When we explain that agile methods will let us adjust our course step by step, that we will work much more closely with the customer and more in line with their business objectives, very quickly their eyes start to sparkle, and… In my experience, it can be an enormous help to your business.