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What triggered the decision?
When I had a baby that was one year old another one that was one year old and a third one that was two years old, I found myself a single mother. And then with the extremity of my personal life and not really fulfilling at my job… things started to not feel so great and I just kept pushing and pushing and pushing, wanting to be a top performer at work and the best mother I could possibly be. And that led to a complete and total burnout. So I thought: “What can I change? I cannot change anything in my private situation. So I’m gonna have to change the professional life.” And that’s when I started really looking outside of that comfortable life. And long story short, I went into studying and I finally got into doing what I’ve always wanted. Being an independent.

How much to charge?
So I brought this up a lot with my mentor based in America. But I… I went crazy trying to find the perfect number. So I just went with what he suggested. So it was 890 euros for a month with three coaching sessions. When a person really wants to grow, when they know that it’s an investment, whatever the amount of money is, in my opinion today, is that it’s either it’s a good price or it’s cheap.

Is certification needed?
Yes, you absolutely, absolutely need to be certified by a very highly qualitative organization, that has been my opinion for a long time. And also from having gone through multiple high ticket and massively in quantity and quality trainings, I think if you really want to work as a coach, you really should. On another hand, I want to say no, you don’t necessarily need certification. It’s a piece of paper. But you need to have skills. You need to be really, really, really, really good at something specific. If it’s consultancy, you need to have your super skill, something that people will want to buy so that you can sell it. If you don’t have that and just want to be a coach like everyone else. Think again.