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The phrase “together we are stronger” really does make sense. When you are accompanied, you are much more serene.

Marc Plata, Founder of CENTRE RESPIRE since 2020

Why seek help?

Simply because alone, you can’t do much. Alone, we have ideas, but together, we manage to make them a reality. It’s mostly the need to share. Share, swap ideas, our visions, to be challenged as well and to be able to do things right. You can have a vision, an idea, but it’s not necessarily the one that will suit other people, the population, or the target we’re looking for. But it’s really about questioning yourself, not doing something for you, but for others.

Your first impressions during coaching sessions?

For my first coaching sessions, it was really very troubling. Kind of like for my first training sessions in sophrology. Meaning people challenge you and you challenge yourself, because there are prerequisites, not prejudices… Let’s say you have preconceived ideas, ways of seeing things that are not necessarily the right ones since you’re stepping into a new world. So, you’re asked to think differently. And it’s quite troubling at first to have to think, not about yourself and what you want, but rather about what others need.

How did the project evolve?

It evolved progressively, with major times of questioning where I listened to myself a lot. Where I had gone off in one direction… what I mean is I have two areas I work in with the CENTRE RESPIRE: sports and health, and I had voluntarily gone toward sports since it is my past, it’s familiar, I’m comfortable with it. We often tend to follow our ego and I think mine was still a bit in sports, which I had left aside to really develop the health side. So, today, after a year, athletes are coming to the center.

What has been most helpful to you?

Truly, the expertise of all the people I met through nyuko, who know the entrepreneur environment, who have the benefit of hindsight and experience, and who have a vision you don’t necessarily have when you step into the world of entrepreneurship. And that’s really what allowed me to make the right choices.

You are responsible for your decisions. It helped me make the right choices and invest in them. In other words, the choices we make are always investments in our project, in the future, and not just bullet points saying: “Here, I created a website.” Period. But: “I created a website because there’s an evolution, there’s something behind it.” For instance, a website has a cost, but a cost that allows you to invest in the long term, just like a graphic charter.

If you hadn’t been accompanied by nyuko?

Without the accompaniment of nyuko, I really think I would have messed up. I would have messed up and gone straight into the wall without having asked the right questions, without taking the time, without listening, because alone, I would have followed my gut, which isn’t always right, because a gut feeling, you have to be able to talk about it and work on it, even if it’s the main strength we have to keep moving forward. And without nyuko’s support, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.

Does it still have an impact today?

Every day. What I mean is that even if I forget sometimes, I always come back to what I learned during the accompaniment. Especially via the target. Really targeting the people you want to reach. And I think that’s the most important thing. Even though from the beginning, I found it very difficult to work in that direction. But, in the long run, you see that you really need to define a population to focus on and really specialize. Even if you think: “Yeah, but I’ll lose a lot of potential.” But no. In fact, the more you target, the more you open up your potential.

Would you recommend?

Absolutely. What I mean is that the phrase “together we are stronger” really does make sense. It means that when you are accompanied, you are much more serene. You’re much more serene and you let yourself to do things.