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Why BusinessTransfer?
The BusinessTransfer service was created over ten years ago in response to certain sellers looking for more expertise in terms of support, to help them find a buyer and get their company better organized for sale. We ended up with more and more buyers seeking our services too. So we wanted to bring together all the specific knowledge around business transfers at the House of Entrepreneurship.

What do you do?
BusinessTransfer has three types of expertise: The first is personalized support, or guidance. The second is educating through workshops and training courses, and the third is “matching.” We have a wide variety of client types, so we assist both sellers and buyers as well as intermediaries. What do we call “intermediaries”? They are independent experts who are active players in business transfers. As for the education portion, we hold regular workshops for buyers to prepare them for the many challenges they are likely to face during a business transfer. In terms of training, we hold short training programs (one month), several times per year, in collaboration with the House of Training. For matching, our third component, we assist sellers, buyers and intermediaries in finding a buyer, a seller either directly or for their clients. We can also help if they have already found someone themselves, of course.

Concretely, what can we expect?
We help sellers through their business transfer first, by a tour of their company: to get them thinking about what they will do afterward, for example, planning their departure, organizing the structure of the company… When it comes to buyers, we help them assess their qualifications, their knowledge, if they have questions about equity, to make their approach to buying a business coherent. As for the intermediaries, we allow them to post ads on the website, to find more customers and to find customers that meet the needs of their files. We’re also active in the human dimension, which intermediaries usually are not to not lose clients. So once again, we have no problem urging people to ask the right questions regarding how they approach a business transfer.

In short?
In short, free guidance for business transfers, with an external viewpoint.