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Setting a restaurant menu
Depending on seasonal products, we get suggestions on a weekly basis from our suppliers, as far as meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. So for our daily specials and lunches, that’s how we work. As for the menu, which stays the same for several weeks, we’ll check our bestsellers from the previous year according to seasonal products. There are some unchanging classics, because customers expect to see a meat option, grilled fish, vegetarian starters… and the rest depends on changing taste, trending products, perhaps a recipe I find or my chef finds while away on vacation, or something we see in a book… We try, transform and adjust them our way, and voilà! We come out with new and surprising things every other month.

What about catering services?
For Cocottes, we work about 3 or 4 months ahead. We plan to change our menu for each season, so, for example, we’re working on the spring menu, but it takes three months to set a menu. First, like for an architect, you have an array of ideas, products, recipes… Then you try things out, taste them, readjust. Once recipes have been approved, we reach out to suppliers to find the products, we negotiate prices, we draft the recipe, so our teams can make the same dish for two months. Next, it goes over to the Communications department to think about images for all these products. To find something new to communicate via the menu. Then, it’s on to the stores to explain what we’ll be releasing. It all takes three months.