Company branding

Finding a name for your brand?
It can be a complicated for a lot of people. You have to think about who the competition is, the names that have already been coined in different areas, also avoid being too generic, and do you research online and in the trademark register to make sure the name isn’t already registered or used. That’s important before you contact a freelancer, a designer or even an agency.

What about your graphic identity?
Your personal identity expressed in a logo, in a brand image, branding… that’s very important when you’re starting out. If you really want to stand out, you need to offer things that stand out. So it’s a first step. And it shouldn’t be too scary because it’s something you build little by little. It comes in phases.

The “Musts” for getting started?
In the first months you could have, for example, a graphic kit made up of business cards, of course, a fairly basic website presenting your concept with a few pictures… nothing too complex. Maybe a form to start collecting contacts. It depends on the idea… you could have a mini brochure or a double-sided flyer. It really depends what you’re looking to sell or offer. You can already have something serious and professional.