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The development
Originally, the idea came from us. We had to develop it and it was then that an experimental brewery intervened to carry out some first tests. We tried to find out what was possible and at first it was mostly unsuccessful. The beer still contained too many calories, sugar etc. So they have progressively developed an innovative brewing process just for us, of a beer with fewer calories, very little carbohydrate and completely sugar-free.

The legal obligations
The beginning was very difficult, about labeling for example. Indeed, we did not know much about it and as well because we were the first to want to reduce the number of calories, the carbohydrate, the sugar etc. in an alcoholic drink. We spent a lot of time checking what was authorized or not with the Ministry of Health, but in the end it was worth it.

Producing in small quantities
Because setting up your own brewery from the beginning is an extremely difficult and expensive process, this was not feasible. So we had to find another solution and luckily we came across a small, young local brewery on the other side of the Belgian border, which was very interested in implementing this project with us. They brew the beer for us, according to our recipe, and brewing process, and it’s going really well now. Our dream is to open our own brewery one day. We still need to save a little bit before that.

Choose a name
Finding the name “Fox” was not as easy, but all of a sudden there was a click, and that was it. The name “Fox” fits perfectly with our slogan “Manner ass mei” (less is more). The fox is beautiful, elegant, sporty. It is also very suitable for our customers. In addition, there are many foxes in Luxembourg, and the animal is of course associated with the country, with the famous poem “De Rénert”. So that’s why we decided for the name “Fox”. Moreover, it is easy to pronounce, whether it is for Luxembourgers, Portuguese, Chinese … Everyone can say “Fox”. That’s it.

How long between the launch and the final product?
Developing the recipe itself and the entire brewing process took us a full year. As I said before, we always tried new things, until the beer finally got the taste we wanted. So yes, altogether it took a full year.