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Why change careers?
I did like my former career but I didn’t love it, and I realized I needed something I really felt passionately about. I started making lots of pastries and chocolate at home, and little by little I realized it was what I loved and what I wanted to do. I needed something hands on, something I was passionate about, that makes people happy.

Having a passion-profession
The upsides are that you wake up happy to go to work. No more Sunday night blues, not wanting to start a new work week… It’s great and I don’t regret it for a second. The downsides are… I’m not sure between the passion and managing a business… It’s the stress. The stress is ever-present, it’s every day, every night, all the time. It’s tiring.

How to keep the enthusiasm up? 
We have loads of projects since we’re developing, we’re growing… Covid did slow us down some, and gave us a scare but it’s very challenging. We’re expanding in France, we’re expanding in Belgium so many projects on the go… We just renovated the whole workshop, we doubled the surface area… It was major work, it’s just wrapping up now. As long as we have projects and good chocolate it works for me.

Your day-to-day role?
My roles! So, so, so many roles. Right now I’m alone in managing the company and the chocolate factory aside from the production itself. Purchases, marketing, communications, finances, accounting we do outsource… it’ better that way. What else do I do? I sell in the shop when there’s no one else, the website, the catalogs… and sales rep.