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Our entourage during a career change

Why change paths?
At 45, I started thinking that I still had time to change careers and do something entirely different. Because after all, 45 isn’t exactly youthful and later, it might be a bit late… And that’s why I decided “OK, time to take the leap.” I always wanted to open a restaurant.

How did people react?
There were different reactions. My good friends thought it was very brave of me to want to change and to open a restaurant. And in my family… it was so-so. My mother was asking me “Why go looking for a job where you’ll have first of all, at lot of work and maybe a lot of hassle too?” And she’d say “You had a comfortable life.” “Why start into something so complicated at your age?” My father thought it was a good idea. And he supported me in… in the process, and financially too. My eldest son was very supportive as well.

How were they involved?
I got some very valuable help from my son. If I had had to do it all myself, it would have been more difficult.

Any outside help?
I did seek some help from a coach for when it would be time to open… to make sure everything was ready to be able to open on time, to make sure everything had been taken care of.