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Why the Fédération des Artisans?
I always tell potential members, if you don’t want someone else to take care of your destiny, do it yourself. And for that, there is no real alternative to a large federation that can represent your interests, the interests of craft businesses, the interests of entrepreneurs, to the public, to politics, to unions, to all those who may be looking to bring you trouble.

What do you do?
The Federation of Craftsmen, to begin, is a confederation of about thirty smaller federations, sectoral federations, based on activities as they are know in the craft industry. Next, it’s a federation of employers representing essentially small and medium-sized businesses in matters of social dialogue, so collective agreement negotiations, negotiations for social policies, labour policies and whatever else with the political parties, with Parliament, with the government, so all the political and social stakeholders imaginable. The Federation of Craftsmen is ultimately a platform for dialogue between sometimes diverging interests between entrepreneurs, between various federations and different sections. And also a platform for coordination with the other employers’ organizations active in the country. Lastly, the Federation of Craftsmen is a large network of entrepreneurs that everyone could benefit from as long as they’re part of it.

Concretely, what can we expect?
A company that’s an affiliate of the Federation of Craftsmen is part of the large network that is the Fédération des Artisans, and that company can get involved in all the decision-making, and the elaboration of common positions. In addition, a member company is entitled, in a manner of speaking, to advice, legal advice, advice in the economic field, in the commercial field, that we try to fulfil as well as we can. We make specialists available to our member companies. In the end, I don’t really like to list off, concretely or economically, the benefits that can be gained from an affiliation with a federation, and a fortiori, even with the Federation of Craftsmen, when an affiliation is actually a bit of a breakneck insurance policy you hope you’ll never have to use.

In short?
In summary, you could say the Fédération des Artisans is an organization of artisans, by artisans, for artisans, supported by a strong secretariat at your disposal.