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Is it hard to fill?
It’s always different… I mean one day the restaurant’s full, sometimes I have to turn people away because it’s really full to the max, and another day there can be ten empty seats and no one comes in.

How to deal with that?
You have to try to manage it based on what you cooked, with the room you have… I’m the one who organizes the tables at lunch, I try to optimize it. I’d say it works 98% of the time then there’s the 2% when people have to wait five or ten minutes even if they had a reservation. Or people come in and there’s no room. Unfortunately, it does happen but I think it’s the same for all restaurants.

Something unique to offer?
We offer musico-gastronomical soirees. It’s always a great ambiance, I mean we have a small group of musicians who come in, people can come eat beforehand say they come in around 7 or 7:30pm they dine, either the special or off the menu, then around 9pm there’s a little concert. It’s usually pleasant and laid back, because it’s just 2 or 3 musicians, and I can say that most of our customers and very pleased with our musico-gastronomical evenings. Also, “dinners in the dark” are often a first for people, so people tell us it’s a good initiative.

One mistake not to make a second time?
In 2015, I decided to open just one evening, on Fridays, and I think that was… a bit hard because people thought we were always closed in the evening other than for certain occasions. I should have opened one evening per week from the beginning. Then people would have known we were open Friday evenings. Today, after 3 years, some people still say “Oh, you’re open Friday evenings?” I say “Yes, we have been for over 3 years!”