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Why Fit 4 Digital Packages?
Fit 4 Digital Packages is a digitization help program that is tangible and concrete, with the objective to accompany Luxembourg’s very small enterprises (VSEs) in their digital transition, and help them access new technologies more easily. The economic fabric in Luxembourg is mostly made up of VSEs, and the impact they have on the local economy is undeniable. The challenges faced by Luxembourg companies in regards to digitization are often related to digital qualifications and training. They can also have difficulty finding the right solutions or meeting their funding needs – so finding funds to invest in their digital transition. Additionally, Fit 4 Digital Packages completes the offerings of the House of Entrepreneurship in terms of digitization, beginning with raising awareness through Go Digital workshops, plus the guidance, programs and assistance available in Luxembourg with the Digital CheckPoint. Since October 2019, we’ve been helping companies implement digital solutions.

What does it involve?
In close collaboration with Luxinnovation, we run the Fit 4 Digital Packages program for interested VSEs which is based on three main pillars: 1- guidance from a neutral organization 2- implementation of digital solutions by an experienced party 3 – financial aid from the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Ministry of the Economy.

To be specific?
A company that’s interested in the House of Entrepreneurship can do a preliminary analysis via an online questionnaire the Digital Quick-Check and an in-company meeting to define and prioritize needs, and better guide them toward solutions. Next, the company selects a package and a provider. For the time being, there is: digital marketing, customer management, and organizational management. Once they’ve selected a package and provider, we help the business fill out their application on the Luxinnovation platform, who checks and approves the application. After that, implementation of a solution with the chosen expert can begin. Following implementation, a part of the cost is covered by a 5,000 euro Digital Voucher from the Ministry of the Economy.

In short?
In short, if you have a VSE and are interested in following market developments, would like to benefit from new technologies and move forward with your digitization, don’t hesitate to contact the House of Entrepreneurship. It would be our pleasure to help you go digital.