Why F4E?
Fit4Entrepreneurship is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce, la Chamber of Trades and the Employment Development Agency with the support of the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Labor for people going through a professional transition, meaning registered with the EDA, seeking a career change or a new job or perhaps start an entrepreneurial venture.

What do you do?
It’s a big challenge because you can’t just declare yourself an entrepreneur overnight. That’s why we’ve set up a program with the EDA, Fit4Entrepreneurship, to coach people through it, help them ask the right questions, but also give them direction so they have the best chance of succeeding in their venture and creating their business. And usually, it doesn’t stop at the creation, but we follow up with them during implementation for in the first six months after the launch.

To be specific?
If you come see Fit4Entrepreneurship it’s for help becoming an entrepreneur. Firstly, to design a concept, then see if you have the right personal profile. It starts with a general information session where you’re exposed to that type of idea. If you’re convinced that yes, you do want to pursue something in that area, your mentoring system kicks-in with coaches at your disposal from Nyuko, the House of Entrepreneurship and other organisms. So, you’re taken in charge to grow your entrepreneurial or business takeover project. And if your advisors detect a lack of certain skills, some basic training can be provided: like being aligned with your entrepreneurial path, because that is extremely important, how to manage a company, how to design a business concept… That training may be required, and maybe more. Once you have gone through all the coaching and training, either you’re able to express your business plan, or you will be further assisted in setting up your company. Once it’s set up, even if you’re no longer overseen by the EDA, they can still follow-up to see if it succeeds and to make sure it’s a success at the end of the day.

In short?
Fit4Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for people going through a professional transition to pursue a personal life project by becoming an entrepreneur.