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Most profitable activity
In my business, I do coaching one on one, I do speaking and I do group trainings, either teambuildings or mastermind groups. And for me, the three are very much linked together. At this point right now, it’s the one on one clients. However, working with companies brings in much bigger amounts, but they’re spread out over time. So yeah, I get most of my money from one on one clients.

Finding clients
Starting out, it was me going to people telling them what I’ve done, reaching out to old networks. I did not like that at all. Today, most of my clients come through referrals. I still do events where I invite people to see what it’s like to work with me, and then I am very intentional in how I build relationships, trying to always add value, help first.

Working with businesses
There’s more money. They invest for more people over a longer period of time. Disadvantage that I did not know when I started my business – and it almost drove me crazy – I didn’t know and it took me a long time to understand that this is just normal: their decision-making processes are slow, very slow – way too slow for me. But if you want fast money, you need to focus on individual clients because they can say yes today. You can start today. They can actually pay today.

How many clients?
When I started working with one on one clients, I didn’t have a thought about how many should I have?  How many do I want to have? I was just searching for clients… like the Cookie Monster… the more the merrier. But today my sweet spot, my magic number where I don’t go above is 10. 10 one on one clients.

Digital tools tips
Some of my favorites are Canva – – to create visuals. I love it. Eventbrite – awesome platform to put your events, whether they’re free or paid: everything is included in there. I think PayPal is a great option. That was a big question for me. How do you get paid? What channel do you use to get the money from the client? Anything smoothing business operations… I take it.