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Where did the idea come from?
Basically, the idea was born of a personal need, because I had always suffered from overweight and I weighed nearly 150 kg. I lost a lot of weight with a low carb diet, so I wanted to develop a beer or a drink that was compatible with my diet and lifestyle, which I can enjoy the weekend or after work with colleagues or friends. My bachelor’s job was actually to invent a new product, which we could sell in supermarkets. That’s how the idea came for the first time. At that moment I studied the matter more closely. I noticed that in Europe, and more particularly in Luxembourg, there were no such products, ie low-calorie, sugar-free alcoholic beverages, etc. So, I said to myself, “Well, that’s it. I hold a concept that must be achievable.

Creating during studies?
What helped me a lot was creating a business while I was in school, because you don’t have a family yet, you don’t have a job yet. In this context, it is much easier and this is a major asset.

To have experience?
For me, having previously worked in the field of catering as a student was a very important factor. I spent a lot of time working in my free time, during holidays, weekends, which has already been a great help for me to get to know this sector. I also did an internship with another startup in the drinks business, which naturally also helped me to better understand the sector as a whole.

To associate with his/her fiancé, a good idea?
Working with your fiancé is a good thing. We work during weekends, evenings, days, in fact we are always working. There are things that he doesn’t like doing, and that I take care of, and vice versa. He takes care of what I don’t like doing. We complement each other perfectly. For me, it only has advantages. Pitt and I are a good team, that’s it.

How to start?
Once the project idea was born, we simply inquired with everyone. We wrote to all the breweries, asked if such a product already existed, how we could establish a collaboration… We eventually found the experimental brewery of Weihenstephan, which was very excited about our idea. They proposed us to develop this concept together.