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What made you apply for the Fit 4 Digital Packages?
At the beginning, we started with marketplaces because it required little investment, but afterwards when we wanted to sell more on our website, it was a significant investment for such a small company. And we needed to create an audience on Facebook and Google Ads basically. So we needed the initial investment to say: “OK, what kind of people do we want to target?” Because you have an idea, but in the end, that idea might be different from reality. And that’s why the Fit 4 Digital Packages helped us to find the right person to do and structure all the campaigns and then find out what kind of audience is the one that will get returns for us.

What was the application process like?
I had an appointment with the House of Entrepreneurship; my contact point is Sabrina, and she was really helpful from the beginning. She sent me an e-mail with all the help that I could apply for after listening to my story and my experience. After I applied, the process was super smooth. Once I proved the impact that it had in my company, I got all the cash back. So super smooth, super good.

How did this help your business?
With the Package, we managed to reach five hundred thousand people on Facebook and then we got two percent conversion on those. So even though it was a local version and we didn’t get the return on investment, people got to know us. And then we increased traffic on the website and also brand awareness.

Would you recommend the Fit 4 Digital Packages?
Absolutely! It’s the best help you can get nowadays because everything is going to go online and more and more you will have drop shipping and different models. And it’s compulsory to have a proper website to sell the story and to promote. Fit 4 Digital is the perfect tool for that.