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Why Go Digital?
Digitalisation is a key topic right now. There’s even a Ministry of Digitalisation. Our goal is to show that digitalisation is important for all small/medium businesses too since it’s mainly them who are currently struggling, because they think digitalisation is only for big businesses, but that isn’t the case at all. The goal with Go Digital, as opposed to the name, is not to go digital. What we really want is to show how to increase revenues, cut back on costs and have better profitability thanks to digital tools.

What do you do?
We have two service offerings: one for project leaders where we organize workshops on four key themes. This includes digital marketing, customer engagement, distribution channels, and the whole administrative and organizational aspect. These pillars are sub-divided into two levels: Level 1 is awareness. So workshops presenting the tools available on the market. And level 2 with workshops that really go into detail. So a level 2 workshop could teach people to use tools themselves. That’s for project leaders. As for established businesses, they too, of course, can benefit from our workshops, but we mainly provide support right up to the implementation of a digital tool, for which we work very closely with Luxinnovation.

To be specific?
Participants can register on and businesses can contact us either via our site or by phone and we go to them to conduct a quick assessment of the company. And for implementation, we can even have subsidies from the Ministry of the Economy. Where we guide the business toward a digital tool that could positively impact their company.

In short?
The Go Digital program is suited to all small and medium businesses and project leaders to help them with their digital transformation.