House of Entrepreneurship One-Stop Shop

Why the One-Stop Shop?
The One-Stop Shop is the realization of a concrete vision of creating a single contact point for entrepreneurs in Luxembourg. This vision has been put into effect by the Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Commerce, who launched the project House of Entrepreneurship One-Stop Shop in October 2016. The idea behind the One-Stop Shop is a structure to make the lives of entrepreneurs easier, but also a community of practice to bring together all players who are active in supporting SMEs, startups and local entrepreneurs from all horizons.

The One-Stop Shop guides entrepreneurs, established or not, and provides them with information and advice. The idea of the One-Stop Shop is also to connect entrepreneurs with the players who are most likely to be able to help them move forward with their project. It could be a technical expertise provided to the entrepreneur, administrative support, material support or even human guidance. The One-Stop Shop focuses on the client: the entrepreneur. We tune into the entrepreneur’s needs via a team of 360° consultants and a network of partners made up of some twenty organizations. So all entrepreneurs with a project to create a business or acquire an existing one, or who wish to develop their business in Luxembourg can get in touch with the One-Stop Shop who will guide them through the steps to be taken.

To be specific?
The One-Stop Shop is here to make the lives of entrepreneurs easier, So let us guide you! You can come meet us at our location for a personal interview, to get the first information or take part in our free activities the Entrepreneurs Days, to get helpful information three times per year. The One-Stop Shop is also online resources: tools, business plan generators and guides that entrepreneurs can consult and download.

In short?
In short, if you have an idea, an entrepreneurial project under development, or if you want to develop your activities in Luxembourg, think to come to the House of Entrepreneurship. The One-Stop Shop is open on business days non-stop from 8:30am to 5:30pm, and our representatives can also answer you by email or phone. In any case, you can visit our website for more information at