What to look for in a team?
Every entrepreneur needs a team. There are many ways to have a team. Starbucks Coffee Company had a team of three founders plus two senior managers, a team of five people. We had a lot of respect for each other. Each of us was very good at something. And all of us admired the talent that each of us had. There would be no Starbucks if it had been just one of us. It wouldn’t have worked.

What if I don’t have a team?
There is another way to put together a team. You can own the company yourself or with your investors and the executives of the company and your advisors: lawyer, accountant, IT, etc. All of these people together can be a team with you if you are a good listener, if you are willing to work with them as a team. That’s a course that I recommend to most people. Assemble a team so that you don’t have to make all the decisions for yourself. So that you don’t have to get all of the information yourself. That’s impossible. Use the ability of others.