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Why Impuls?
Our mission is to support entrepreneurs working on projects with a social and solidarity aim, meaning a project that helps resolve a social issue in Luxembourg. It could be the environment, education, unemployment…

What do you do?
Our main activity is support. We offer a support program that helps project leaders make their idea a reality, define their social mission and bring value to their social impact. The program is supported by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy. Promoting social entrepreneurship is also very important to us. For that, we publish articles, and communicate about companies we have assisted, to help increase their visibility, to add value to their impact on the ecosystem, and we also take part in events.

What specifically should be expected?
We offer two support sessions per year. The support program is made up of collective training sessions intended to give project leaders the tools they need to grow their project, to explore their market and to verify the market need. There is individual support (coaching). Beyond that, participants have access to a community of social entrepreneurs. At the end of the support period participants present their projects to a jury made up of the program’s partners, who draw up an assessment of how projects are advancing. Participants that make it to the end of the first support phase with a viable project can keep going with a second phase of personalized support lasting two to four months, depending on their needs. During that second phase, participants can also have mentoring, and exchange with established businesses, to benefit from their experience.

In short?
If you have a project with a social and/or environmental impact, do get in touch and submit your project online. We would be pleased to help you get your project off the ground. It would be a pleasure to have you among our committed and solidarity-oriented entrepreneurs bringing a positive change to society.