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Which technologies to bet on?
Nowadays the trend goes to microservices etc… And then of course mobile. But a team must be an autodidact team and always be able to follow the latest trends.

IT skills: in-house or outsourced?
At the beginning for the concept and the prototype, definitely try it maximum by yourself and with friends around you. Or if you have little money already, you can outsource at that level. But as soon as the company grows, there are two steps that you can do: definitely the core engine and everything that’s critical to your business and has intellectual property attached to it needs to be developed in-house through your own team. That team can be an own team or a company that is located either in Luxembourg or another country but where contractually binding it’s your team or on your payroll, if possible. Then nowadays you program everything in microservices, and this allows you that the core engine is in-house and through microservices, through API’s, you can then have external teams, outsourced teams, to build the front end and additional services around it, that you can easily outsource.

How to expand your business?
I was lucky that my business with domain name registration was really an online business. So, I was able to grow internationally, at the beginning, by keeping the platform out of Luxembourg, by having the team out of Luxembourg and gaining customers internationally. So, gaining customers internationally was mostly done through SEO – search engine optimization – and through international advertisement and targeting specific countries and specific customers. So that was at the beginning. So organic growth was very easy at that moment, at the beginning.