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Why Jonk Entrepreneuren?
Jonk Entrepreneuren is an association that’s here to drive an entrepreneurial spirit among youth ages 9 to 25, to change the entrepreneurial mindset and attitude in Luxembourg and build skills for entrepreneurship among our youth and better prepare them for the working life, life in society and even their personal lives.

What do you do?
At Jonk Entrepreneuren, we offer educational programs around entrepreneurship in schools, to youth ages 9 to 25. We have 11 programs in all, based on a “learning by doing” approach, consisting of practical experiences to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude among 9 to 25 year old’s. For instance, we have mini companies, which I would say is the flagship of our association. Over the course of a school year, youth learn to start up and manage a business from A to Z. They discover different professions, the responsibilities that exist within a company and when you’re an entrepreneur. We seek volunteers from the work world for all our programs for mentoring, for coaching, or to give classes. Our volunteers’ role is really to inspire the youth through your profession, your passion, experiences and know-how. To show them what’s out there, their options, and we need your help and your engagement to further develop our programs.

To be specific?
In terms of entrepreneurial teachings, we cover pure entrepreneurship of course, we show our youth what it means to become an entrepreneur. The responsibilities and tasks involved and the roles to ensure. We motivate them to become entrepreneurs too, but we also tackle financial education. We explain how to set a budget, the monthly expenses to expect, the role of insurance, the risks and advantages of loans and taking out a loan, the risks of indebtedness. We address employability, the professions that exist, the skills of tomorrow and of today. To really put them in the context of the work world and encourage an entrepreneur’s mindset and business spirit. Almost all schools take part in our programs, so I highly recommend getting in touch with the teachers and school principals or to contact us directly. You can find us via our website that has all our contact details or

In short?
Please get in touch with us. Because at Jonk Entrepreneuren, we believe in the talents of the youth of today and tomorrow, and we are here to provide a platform to express your talents and further develop your skills. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and contact us.