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How to proceed?
I really like the quote by Mark Twain that says: “They did not know it was impossible so they did it.” It’s entirely true for us. Because if you look on paper, selling buildings remotely, via digital technologies… Practically, when you list off those three items, you think that doesn’t exist, it’s not possible. But it is possible. We have over 2000 transactions per year across 50 countries. It’s possible. But you have to believe. And you can’t dwell on your errors, because we made lots of mistakes, did lots of readjusting.

Clearly explaining your difference
A complete logic of explaining and voicing your difference. If you buy a building from bâtimentsmoinschers, it will be a metal building. We haven’t revolutionized the world of metal buildings, but rather the approach of how to sell metal buildings.

Any recommendations?
Having lots of energy and believing in what you do, knowing your product by heart and not give up with the first failure. Because there will be failure. I like to say that we don’t prove ourselves through our successes but rather through our failures. We need to reflect, reflect on ourselves. Either you take a step back, or you throw in the towel.

Being a true entrepreneur
To me, the difference between being an entrepreneur on your business card and being one for real, is the capacity to overcome obstacles, because there will be obstacles. There always are… and you have to face them. All in all, you have to manage to establish something, create something. I’m not talking about a company with 200 employees, 50 like us, or just 2, no matter if you have 2 employees, 1 employee or are all alone, but you have a certain amount of success and respond to market demands, that, to me, is an entrepreneur.

A different approach to recruiting
If you need someone to give you a chance and if you feel like “I’ve never been given a chance, I’m going to make it” you can find it here, but it’s up to you to line up your actions with what you say.