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What was the first step?
I started with a small van and I had all my machines inside. I also started small: I didn’t want to open big from the start. For me, it’s difficult. That’s me, I like to progress step by step. That’s just key for my own life.

Why a home service?
I chose this because I have a lot of friends who were always saying: “Oh, I have no time today”. And so this idea came to me step by step, slowly, slowly. And I thought: “Why don’t I start this business? But new!” So I would go to person’s place to clean his car. Go to his place or his office.

Client perception
First, when I started, it was difficult for my customers to understand because this is a new concept. So they would ask me. “Uh, you have electricity?” “Yes.” “You have water?” “Yes.” “Uh, how? …okay.” Slowly, slowly, people began to understand. For clients, it’s new. But now everything is fine.

Do you offer other advantages?
I serve the whole of Luxembourg, the North and everywhere. For some customers I drive far away, and I also give them discounts, so that they would tell their neighbors, their friends, their brother. This way I would have more and more and more customers.

How did you set your prices?
When I started this business, I took my small car and I drove to get my car cleaned everywhere to see the price. I compared the price and the cleaning, and I saw that they’re expensive. I saw that I am a little bit expensive because I’m expensive compared to them, compared to the competitors. But seeing how I clean the car and which kind of product I use on it, I’m not expensive at all. I check everything before I start or when I start, I check the price, I check the material, I calculate, I do a lot of things.

Do you also work with companies?
Yes, before Covid-19, I had a few companies that I worked with because I wanted to see what goes on in these companies.