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Your business model?
My business model is fourfold. There’s events sponsoring: organizers of an event of any size who want to showcase it with an algorithm that boosts the event in the system to maximize visibility. We also have a “content” offering where we write about the event with Super Miro’s “tone of voice” to make it easier for the public to grasp. Next there’s a whole advertising portion where we lend out our likability capital, our brand image, illustrations, ton of voice, etc. to get major brands like AXA, Orange, LuxAir etc. communicating with our community, staying in our native advertising so entertainment, where we don’t show up with ads but rather a publicity model with real added value. There’s also a directory aspect for establishments because Super Miro has loads of good addresses and events. Our hotspots are constants: “Where to warm up when it’s cold” a whole selection of terraces and nice warm places, “Where to go running,” “Where to grab brunch,” that type of thing. So a directory to be well-referenced on Super Miro in a variety of categories. And lastly, a whole panel of statistical tools for events organizers where we give them access to analytics from our database: they can enter keywords, they can look 2 months ahead to their planned event date, a little barometer shows if a lot of events are already taking place and check statistics to see what’s been going on this month for their establishment compared to others, trends, etc. And that gives them some tools for marketing analysis.

Why this design?
It’s one of my main areas of interest. I thought “we’ll develop a service” “we’ll develop a technology” but most importantly we’ll develop a brand. That’s important to me because I think technology evolves very quickly, that you can very well offer a high-quality service and gets use, but you can also very quickly become a commodity, and in the end, I think the link that maintains your value, lets you stand apart from others and make people talk is your brand. So it’s not just a logo. It’s the values that surround the brand the content you create too, that federates people: your user community, as well as your team that identifies with the brand’s values and the investors too, etc. So it’s really a was to make your venture a reality and to stand out.