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Making your business idea happen

What is the critical step?
In your project, when you start drafting your business plan you come across details, things you hadn’t thought of and you think “Oh shit…” And sometimes you get asked questions you don’t know how to answer. To me, that was the hardest part but the most important too. Because once you’ve written up your business plan all alone, that you’ve precisely analyzed all your company’s future needs, that you’ve identified your exact target audience, how you will function financially, how to go about that, and how you will in 6 months… Because maybe in 6 months your unemployment will be over, or because you will have invested everything in the company. When you’ve managed to answer all those question, when you launch your company it’s that much easier.

When I got started it was just “I want to open an art gallery.” And when you want to open an art gallery, OK. But I sat down with my coach and we started analyzing it all… He started asking “Who will you sell to?” “What will you sell?”… So many questions. I went home and couldn’t sleep. I was thinking “this isn’t possible.” “This is going to be tough.” Because clients aren’t just going to show up. There are other art galleries with more experience that display nice things. What will make the client come my way tomorrow? And all in all, I needed to find a way to open my gallery without too much financial risk.