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How to attract your first clients?
We have networks we can reactivate or activate, people you’ve worked with in the past who want to keep working with you. That’s the first thing. The second is word of mouth: that’s what has worked best for me so far, people talking about me in a positive way… which is always nice… and it brought clients my way, I was able to start processes with those clients and provide support…

How to secure their loyalty?
Work seriously and creatively too. And if you can combine the two, you gain your clients’ loyalty because you delivery high-quality work, a sort of well-functioning and dynamic teamwork.

Any tips for invoicing?
Generally speaking, the clearer the invoice the better the client knows why they’re paying. So you generally need to be transparent, A flat rate rather than billing by the hour. Each person has to find the right formula so it covers their expenses and the time spent on projects.