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Why Microlux?
Microlux was created to support entrepreneurs who do not have access to conventional bank loans.

What do you do?
Microlux awards microcredits to entrepreneurs, microcredits of up to €25,000, and also accompanies entrepreneurs either before or after the microcredit. So in practice, someone who needs funding for their business project can get in touch with us. We’ll set up a meeting with the entrepreneur, then present their request to a credit committee and the committee will decide yes or no, whether the funds can be released.

To be specific?
Specifically, you can either contact us by phone to set a first meeting, or there’s a form on our website, entrepreneurs can use as a first point of contact. After which we will tell you which items we need, depending how far along the project is. Support is provided by volunteers, working primarily on forecasting prior to the microcredit, which means calculating the break-even point to help you determine how much monthly revenue you’ll need to cover both your professional and personal expenses. Then, once the microcredit has been granted, volunteers can once again help you with monitoring depending on your needs. This could include communicating with public administrations, financial monitoring, following-up on marketing… Support really depends on the specific needs of the entrepreneur. It’s personalized every time.

In short?
Do you need money to start your business but can’t get a loan from traditional banks? You can come see us, call us, get in touch… and we’ll take a look at your options together, knowing that we can offer a maximum of €25,000 and that we can also help you draw up a forecast if you don’t already have one.