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Why nyuko?
To simply promote entrepreneurship here in Luxembourg, and to help and support all entrepreneurs wanting to set up in Luxembourg, from shaping their idea to the launch of their company.

What does nyuko do?
Nyuko has four main missions. The first is to promote an entrepreneurial mindset. This is done through public speaking, and supporting events for specific causes. The second is to assess and explore an entrepreneur’s needs. This involves identifying how far along an entrepreneur is in terms of the design and conceptualizing of their project where they want to go with it, and how we can help. Or even how others could help. Nyuko’s third mission is to challenge ideas, meaning, depending how far advanced a project is, finding how to cross-examine it, how to structure the project, and how they can test out their project quickly to move on to the fourth phase, nyuko’s fourth mission, which is to support the company during its launch through networking sectoral experts.

In concrete terms?
Concretely, if we wanted to break up nyuko’s activities, the first thing we do to promote entrepreneurship is an online community dedicated to entrepreneurs and future business creators, whose main purpose is to promote entrepreneurship through the sharing of short self-portrait videos or portraits of entrepreneurs sharing their experience and expertise with future entrepreneurs. That’s really the first part, it’s called “Meet an entrepreneur” In addition to that more promotional aspect, we have the whole aspect of guiding the entrepreneur, so exploring the idea, challenging the idea and launching the idea and the company. To do so, we offer group guidance: dedicated programs can be accessed via our website and individual guidance, which is always paired with the group workshops where people explore their ideas. Basically, nyuko allows entrepreneurs to go from the idea phase to the launch of their company in four months.

In short?
In short, nyuko is a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs feel less alone and reduce uncertainties regarding their business project. It’s a non-profit supported by both private supporters like Spuerkeess, and public organisms such as the Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Commerce. Our services are entirely free, we’re based in the House of Entrepreneurship, and if you’re interested in our services you can go to our website to apply or for more details.