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Why open a business in Luxembourg?
This was my dream: I wanted to have my own business in my name. I wanted to have my own life, my own business. I was tired of working for other people. I wanted to work for myself, for my own name.

The process
It’s been difficult because I have been working on this for more than one and a half years, and, two or three times, I was told no, because I was missing papers. And afterwards, slowly, slowly, step by step a friend helped me prepare all the stuff. If a European person wants to open a business, it’s easy for him because he knows the language and he has all the required documents. But when we come in from outside to Europe, the government welcomes us to stay here on one hand, but on the other hand, when anybody wants to have his own life, his own business, it’s difficult. For without the papers, you cannot start, but I don’t have the papers. Does that mean I’d have to stay at home? Give me a chance to do it. And if I do it, I will pay tax, I will pay VAT, everything.

Did you follow a specific course?
I did a course on entrepreneurship for six months. Only after an entrepreneur understands the law can he start to understand how he should move and I want to share with him and help him understand what’s going on, how he can prepare his business in turn. And he has to know who he has to go to, to get information on what he has to do and which door he has to open to start his own business.

Was it useful?
Yes, yes. I knew nothing here in Luxembourg before this course and with this course, I understand the law, the tax, the VAT, everything.