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Creating your menu
The chef and I drew up the menu together, first off, to see what we could offer people that would be quick like the daily special, and then some set menu items for people who don’t want the day’s special, so they can choose something else from the menu but still keeping in mind whether or not we can get the products for those dishes, and can we get them fresh?

When change it?
We change our menu every three months. We don’t change everything but we change the set dishes so that people who come often have… other things to chose from instead of always the same ones.

How to set prices?
We use other restaurants’ pricing as a guideline and think about whether people are willing to pay that price for a daily special.

Does organic cost more?
Our special is a bit more expensive than a regular restaurant. But I think their products are a lot cheaper too. Something you hear a lot is that in organic restaurants the margin is smaller than for other restaurants that buy standard products. That’s why we try not to raise the price too high, but to charge a price that does cover the cost of living and pay off the restaurant.