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Why this offer?
Entrepreneurs and business creators are the drivers of business activities and job creation in Luxembourg. In the past decade, they have created over 30,000 new jobs and currently employ over 200,000 people in Luxembourg. Providing guidance to entrepreneurs is one of Spuerkeess’ strategic vectors, especially in an evolving economic context, where the creation of new activities and businesses must be encouraged.

What does it involve?
Spuerkeess has positioned itself as a strategic financial partner for entrepreneurs and business developers across all areas of activity. So both in more traditional sectors such as craft, trade, industrial and service businesses, but also for entrepreneurs in all that is new technologies. Spuerkeess has always supported entrepreneurship, and with our new “Entrepreneurs” offer, we hope to facilitate access to and initial contact with banks.

To be specific?
Our “Entrepreneurs” offer includes an array of banking services and products that correspond to the initial needs of an entrepreneur. It’s free for the first 12 months and covers the basic services for day-to-day transactions, such as a bank account, money transfers and access to web-banking. It also gives entrepreneurs a first credit access via the provision of credit cards, and correspondingly bank guarantees or rent guarantees through the bank. Also of critical importance or very important is the access to the experience and skills of our dedicated SME consultants enabling them to guide entrepreneurs or business developers through the various steps, with the help of our partners, including nyuko, the SNCI, mutual companies as well as the European Investment Fund, with their InnovFin guarantee facility, but also our partner in insurance – Lalux.

In short?
Spuerkeess is a preferred partner of business creators and entrepreneurs throughout the life cycle of their company. For its creation, development and even for transmission. So feel free to get in touch either with nyuko, or directly with our SME consultants for more information about our “Entrepreneurs” offer.