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Team maturity
I’m lucky to have gone into business with childhood friends who I had already worked on other projects with. We already knew how to work together. We’d been through all the potential clash scenarios in the past. When we teamed up, with the magic number too, there was a certain maturity and enjoyment in working together that really optimized both our collaboration and the deliverables.

Dealing with conflict
It’s not possible when you’re running a business with the stress levels of a startup, it’s not possible for there not to be clashes. There are always times when people have different opinions, when you don’t agree on strategy, or one person wants to do something and someone else doesn’t. I think that’s where you need to know how to leave your emotions aside and where experience really counts. Sometimes you need to be able to say I’m not at ease with such-and-such, but it has nothing to do with me. Let’s put the issue on paper together and calculate it, make it mathematical. That usually helps resolve issues and tension pretty quickly.