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Starting a company as a societal impact company (SIS)

With Venemany Vilay
Founder of A-PRENDRE since 2020
Come and speak French with A-PRENDRE. Having fun while learning, I think that’s really what’s important.

With Jean-Marc Boueyrie
Founder of J-WAY since 2001

With Emma Zimer
Founder of NOUMA since 2016

With Jean-Philippe Wagnon
Founder-cooperator of ALLAGI since 2019


Legal structure

The company A-PRENDRE is an SARL-S company.

We are a social impact cooperative with 100% impact shares.

NOUMA is a limited liability company, was created as a limited liability company and became a SIS about two years later.

J-WAY is a limited company.

Why SIS accreditation

Transforming a business is a vast undertaking with a view to make it part of what is important to me in terms of company projects and values.

Because a trade company had more meaning to me when it had a social impact.

I wanted to create a business with profit, but where the profit was distributed to a good cause and within a certain framework. I want to be a company that actually makes profit, who sells something, but uses it wisely.

Because it brings an extra dimension to the social vocation as we see it, where we want to experience and offer it at ALLAGI.


ALLAGI is a project that exists. At the time it was conceived, it was thought up with societal impact.

The company A-PRENDRE requested, from its very creation, SIS accreditation since November 2020.

There has been no radical change in terms of operation. That is to say, the values I wanted to transmit through my company, that now I will pass on either to other shareholders or employees, are values that are now directly in the statutes. So that’s related to the SIS accreditation, but also to an ethical charter that we drafted with the employees.