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How do you communicate?
I have a website, I have Facebook, I have Instagram. I also give people in the city brochures with my card. When I start to clean a car, I take a few pictures; and when I finish cleaning it, I also take a few pictures. So I just put the before and after pictures together and I post them. Sometimes when I have a picture I just immediately post it when I have time. But you can see like everyone wants.

How to adapt to challenging times?
In Corona-time when people were sitting at home, I contacted everybody by phone, telling them: “Please stay at home, stay safe. If you want anything, just send me a list of stuff that you want from the supermarket and I will bring it to you and for free.” I just want to move. I cannot stay like this at home. A few things. One, I don’t want to sit. Second, I want to help others in Corona-time. Third, this is good for me. Maybe afterwards I will have more and more clients. After Corona, the same people started to contact me for car cleaning. And this is working and working well. And everybody is happy.

Your first year of business
Always at the beginning when you start your own business, you have to lose one year, you don’t have to think about it. To prove yourself, to reach many customers.

Is it worth it?
Do it, just go and do it. Don’t think about how it’s not our country, not our language. That it’s too difficult for us. No, no. Everything will be better and better. Just go. Don’t think and sit. You have to stand up and go. Just do it.