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Why the fashion industry?
I felt like I wanted to have a bigger impact, and I thought that creating my own company could be the way. So then I created a company in the fashion industry, because there is a lot of room for improvement and things to make better.

And why sustainable?
I like funny socks and I like colorful stuff. My favorite brand didn’t offer sustainable and I was getting more and more conscious about sustainability, how much water you need to produce different clothing. And I said, why not? I think I can offer the same range, but I can do better processes and we can have a better positive impact. That’s why I started with organic.

How do you ensure this positive impact?
We have the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification, which ensures that every part of the process is sustainable and ethical. From the farming to the final processes, when I ship a package or even in my office. One of the highlights is that w only use organic cotton: the farming is more optimised and uses up to 90 percent less water and less CO2. Also in the factory, they make sure that the salaries of the workers are good and also that there are no bad chemicals for the environment or for yourself. On my side, they also check that the packaging is biodegradable and that everything is as sustainable as it can get. Additionally, we also plant trees to be CO2 neutral.

Does running a sustainable business impact your margins?
Yes, it impacts my margin, because we also plant trees and also the certifications: you have more costs than if you go non-sustainable.