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Why Technoport?
Technoport was created in 1998 within a public research center. The structure’s main goal was to bring technological entrepreneurship nearer to public research. In 2012, we decided to merge certain incubation activities in Luxembourg to create the new Technoport, which is the current structure and is a limited liability company.

What is it?
Our core business is support for getting approval, launching and developing technological and innovative businesses in Luxembourg. We target three specific segments, the first of which are startups, next, spin-offs from public research and the third is foreign businesses seeking to set up in Luxembourg to develop activities in research and innovation.

To be specific?
We try to offer a combination of services, including support, infrastructure and professional networks at both national and international levels. And I think what’s unique about Technoport, is that we aim to assist businesses in the area of ICT-software as well as more technological fields such as materials, industry, space, and even the environmental and health sectors.

In short?
To sum up, Technoport is an incubator for tech companies that aims to provide support in the launch and development of businesses in Luxembourg by weaving them into the ecosystem, at both national and international levels.