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What is an entrepreneur?
An entrepreneur is someone who decides to take a project and turn it into a business.

One important quality?
Curiosity. When you’re a curious person, lots of things spark your curiosity and you turn them into opportunities.

The right project?
It’s really hard to know if a project is right for you because… it’s not the target that counts, it’s how you get there. You learn as you go, you can make mistakes, and, unfortunately, sometimes you can wind up in a dead end. But most times, entrepreneurs manage to correct their course to reach their destination. So instead of thinking in terms of destination you think about the route.

What about the idea?
Lots of people think it’s about the idea, but that’s not what I think… You can give a good idea to a bad team… it won’t work. You can give a bad idea to a good team, they’ll fix it.

What to do with the “what if”s ?
People often regret not trying more than trying and failing. I especially think that things from the past like if your company failed… “never again” I think that goes away. Really.